Library of Chess

Welcome to the Library of Chess.

We have a variety of chess books that are available to all ladder members. If you see a book you like, contact Darren at to check out a book. Books from the Library of Chess may be checked out for 1 month at a time.


Keep in mind the following rules when checking out books:

  • Books can be checked out by any L.A. Chess Ladder member.
  • A member cannot check out more than two books at a time.
  • Books must be returned within one month.
  • If a book is overdue, the player is ineligible to play challenges/tournaments until the book is returned.
  • If a book is lost, it will result in a $20 replacement fee.

Questions? Concerns? Want to join the L.A. Chess Ladder?

Contact Darren at

L.A. Chess Ladder Library of Chess