Welcome to the L.A. Chess Ladder donations page.

Here, players can use Paypal to make monetary donations to help fund and improve the L.A. Chess Ladder.


L.A. Chess Ladder Donations

Hello Ladder Players,

I’m very pleased that so many of you are enjoying the L.A. Chess Ladder. I created the Ladder as a fun new way to play chess in Los Angeles. As you know, membership in the L.A. Chess Ladder is free and open to anyone. If you are really enjoying the ladder, you might consider helping out by making a donation.

The L.A. Chess Ladder is operated by me, Darren Himeles. I recruit new members, enforce the ladder rules, create useful webpages for our site, update the pages, and organize fun events like chess tournaments and social events for ladder members to enjoy. The L.A. Chess Ladder is a non-profit organization, so any donation money will be spent entirely on the ladder. Some of the current ladder expenses include the following:

  • Our domain is purchased through Go Daddy and costs about $15.00 per year.
  • Our site is hosted by Host Gator and costs about $40.00 per year.
  • Chess equipment including boards, pieces, and clocks.
  • Advertising expenses.
  • Tournament prizes including trophies.

Besides the above expenses, I’m open to your suggestions. If you have any thoughts on how to spend donation money to improve our organization, please share your ideas. I would love to hear your comments.

To donate to the L.A. Chess Ladder, just click on the button below. You may donate as much or as little as you like. Remember, every little bit helps!

Thank you very much!

L.A. Chess Ladder Donations

Questions? Concerns? Want to join the L.A. Chess Ladder?

Contact Darren at

L.A. Chess Ladder Donations