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Happy New Year, Chess Enthusiasts!

Welcome to the next edition of the L.A. Chess Ladder Newsletter. First, say hello to Matin Razepoor, our newest member. Welcome to our chess community!

The new year started with a bang! Our L.A. Chess Ladder Masters Cup took place over two weekends and featured 11 different players competing for the top spots on the standard and blitz ladders. The food was delicious and our hosts were terrific. When the battle was over, Vadim Plotkin claimed the top spot on the standard ladder and Carlos Huertas sits at the pinnacle of the blitz ladder. Check out our tournament page for the full results.

 Photo of Juicy Wingz - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Our next tournament will take place at Talk to Me in SPANISH, the language school owned and operated by our own long-time member, Jose Estrada. The address is 15928 Ventura Blvd. Suite 218 Encino, CA 91436. The L.A. Chess Ladder Spanish Tournament will take place on Sunday January 28th at 2 pm. Check out our tournament page for details and send an email to to enter.


Player Spotlight: Carlos Huertas! Carlos joined the ladder in October 2017 and has been extremely active since, already competing in 3 tournaments. On account of his strong performance at the Masters Cup tournaments, he is now #7 on the standard ladder and #1 on the blitz ladder. Come join us at our tournaments and you’re likely to get a chance to challenge this talented player.

And now, some helpful reminders:

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Well that’s all folks! Thanks for checking out our newsletter. Your passion for the greatest game in the world is what keeps us going strong.  Be sure to tell your friends about the L.A. Chess Ladder, share us on Facebook, and be on the lookout for future events. Don’t forget to sign up for the Spanish Tournament this Sunday. See you over the board!




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