Blitz Ladder

Here is the L.A. Chess Ladder’s Blitz Ladder. These rankings are based on challenges and tournaments with a time control no greater than G5 + 5 seconds. To challenge a player, visit the directory to get that player’s contact info.

Remember, you must be inside the top 20 in order to challenge the top 10 ranked players on the blitz ladder! In addition, you must be inside the top 10 in order to challenge the #1 ranked player on the blitz ladder. Good luck everyone!

As of 1/21/2018

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Rank Player City
1 Carlos Huertas Hollywood
2 Hipolito Gomez Los Angeles 
3 Darren Himeles Northridge
4 Jose Estrada  Pacoima
5 Grey Massey Sherman Oaks
6 Gerald Ruiz Burbank
7 Vadim Plotkin West Hollywood 
8 Riccarlo Porter Los Angeles
9 Erik Halseth Los Angeles 
10 Max Hersh Los Angeles
11 Santy Villanueva Los Angeles 
12 Magic Northridge 
13 Vincent Amaya Hollywood
14 Eric Schaefer  Reseda Ranch 
15 R.J. Briggs West L.A.  
16 Eric Sakurai Torrance
17 Marina K. Glendale 
18 Toy Villafuerte  West Covina
19 Kevin Resnick Calabasas
20 Marco Reed Sherman Oaks 
21 Lupita Perez East L.A.  
22 Nishit Patel Los Angeles 
23 Vanessa Himeles Beverly Hills
24 Mark Doty Jr. Orange County 
25 Osheen Tosonian Encino 
26 Christopher Han Downtown L.A. 
27 Aidan Briggs West L.A.
28 Joel Mendoza  Rowland Heights
29  Zayd Muhammad Los Angeles  
30 Lev Marquis Hollywood
31 Ty McClendon Burbank
32 Daniel Vizcarra Lynwood
33 Katy O'Brian Los Angeles
34  Hieu Nguyen Los Angeles
35 Matin Razepoor  Palos Verdes

Send all challenge match results to and they will be posted right away. Be sure to mention if it was a regular challenge or a blitz ladder challenge.

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